listen to your body

And the sun is shining in Aberdeenshire today! I was actually roasting on my lunch run!!

As I come back from a chest infection, now is a good time to reflect on how we need to listen to our bodies. Even us coaches are guilty of not listening to our own bodies sometimes…

There’s an often repeated rule with running with a cold – “if it’s above the neck, you can run. If it’s below the neck, don’t run.”

That’s ok but sometimes it can be above the neck and you feel terrible. I would say, if you feel terrible, don’t run. Seems pretty obvious, but lots of us ignore how we’re feeling and try to ‘run it off’.

My latest thing was a cough, turned into a cold, turned into a chest infection and a sinus infection and then came back a bit too soon and it became a chest infection again!! Probably, had I taken a week off right at the start of all of this, I might have been lucky and been able to get back to it sooner. In hindsight, I kept coming back a couple of days too early and setting myself back again. It resulted in 7-8 weeks of disrupted training. That’s a full training cycle! I could have been in PB shape had I done things differently.

A coach can be there to take a step back and hold you back when necessary. Not just when you’re not feeling good but also when you’re feeling great! It can be very easy to keep pushing on and keep pushing on when you are flying (believe me I’ve been there before!). And then all of a sudden you get injured (I’ve also been there 🙈). A good coach will recognise when you are pushing a little too hard and rein you back in.

It’s always worth remembering that the positive adaptations you get from training are actually happening when you are resting after training. It is really important to make sure your body gets the appropriate amount of rest to compliment your training.

Now, where can I sneak off to for a nap…? 😴

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